It's this blanket of fear

November 13, 2011
By gandele BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
gandele BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
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It's this blanket of fear
That suffocates your every move
Every want
Every need
Every sense of life

It feels like this tunnel
That carves through the center of earth
The core of hate and pain
That melts your exterior
And changes you in ways that seem to be only the work of divine intervention

But it leaves you feeling decades aged as if surviving hell and being back to tell your war torn stories

A footprint is left
It lurks in every thought
And is the root of all fear

Many find it a myth
For the old
But it's real
at large
And it's nasty

It takes a part of you
And holds you back at every jump
Weighing you down with every step
Every yank
Every pull
Is greeted by a frenzy of fear
That you may get caught for being different

Because it disguises itself
Changing it's name and oozing itself into every nook and cranny
But it snaps
And reality comes out to play

It goes by superiority
Saying that it knows best
And that everyoneelse is ignorant to life
But it drags you in and chews out chunks

Leaving you with a dread
Of being alone
Of not being understand
And it's nasty

Nasty enough to recognize
Because it's a parasite that feeds on happiness
And it never grows tired
Strong enough to kill
Because it's a monster in hiding

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