You and I

November 13, 2011
By MusicAngel BRONZE, Gurnee, Illinois
MusicAngel BRONZE, Gurnee, Illinois
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The only person stopping you from achiving greatness is you

I see you
I see you smile and my heart starts racing
I watch you as you talk to me and I smile
I see you with her and my heart breaks into pieces
I see you hurt and it makes me sad
I see you stare at her it makes me wonder what does she have that I don’t
I see you suffer and it makes me mad
I see cry and I try to comfort you but u push me away
I see you stare at me with those loving eyes u once stared at her with
I see you watch me as I talk like I did too u once
I see you sad as I cry my soul out
I see you kiss me and I wonder is this a dream
Everyone sees us walking down the hallway and they say Finally there

I think

I Think about you day and night
I cry just knowing you’re not by side
I can’t stand you talking about her as though she was a god
I can’t stand seeing you with her
I don’t see how u don’t see her for herself
I don’t know why you stare at me when your with her
I don’t know why you come to me when you have problem
I’m happy that you kissed me that night we talked
I’m happy that we hold hands down the hallway
I’m happy how you don’t suffer anymore
I’m happy the day you first walked me home
I’m happy that your with me the rest of my life

I don’t see you

I don’t see how ur with her
I don’t see how u can’t see the truth
I don’t see why you act this way
I don’t know why I still love u after all this
I don’t see why u suffer when she cheats on u
I don’t see why u come to me after how u treated me
I don’t see why I can’t deny u
I don’t see why I can still love u
I don’t see why u kissed me that night
I don’t see why people can’t believe we weren’t toghter sooner

The author's comments:
I wrote this after a great event but somewhat suffrable ahead of that

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