Once Again to Caroline

November 13, 2011
By TeenWriterGirl SILVER, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
TeenWriterGirl SILVER, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
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As salty water hits the ground
A piece of us all joins it, and makes mud
Dirt softened by the realization
That our glorious cherry blossom
Has fallen.

Our days become quicker and colder
Enveloped by moonlight
Only to slowly fade to the point
Where not even the sun's reflection can show it's face
And we are blind.

Mournful pipes tell the tale
As puffs of sorrow float above us
And separate us from the possible truth
That you could be watching over us
And our hopes die with the sun.

The swirling leaves turn to flakes
For the trial has not yet ended
And the bitter trees can only scrape the sky
Bare of their once green leaves
And ask why.

The coldness and the black control us
As we throttle and thrash in the night's late hours
And we can only wake up panting,
Our faces wet with grief that never left
And we begin to die, too.

Like a fawn taken by a hunter's arrow
Or a child's breath lost somewhere in the womb
Like an aging man closing his eyes
We can only hold them close
As their warmth dies away.

Is the winter the apocalypse?
For everything here has died
Joy is an epitaph of the past
And laughter has drowned in our vast pits of doubt
For there is nothing left.

But as I slowly fall upon the snow
Its cold clinging to me like an old friend
A drop of water, a single drop, falls from the sky
Not stopping on my skin, but sinking below the sinews
Into my very core.

I feel nothing at first, until the tingling begins
A slow warmth that flows from a fresh wound
But it doesn't feel the same
It's as if your handprint has touched me one last time
Not to say goodbye, but hello.

My pulse begins to return in rapid rushes.
Beating with new meaning, with new realization
As I realize that truth has laid its hand upon me
For one only truly leaves us
If we allow ourselves to forget.

Our hurt will always run fresh
But never alone
For as long as pain exists,
There will always be love
And it's then I feel the grass

The ice is cracking it's grip from my heart
And the sunlight breaks the clouds
I hear you among the budding flowers
And the leaves that are growing
Proclaiming your life.

And as the moon shows its face once more
And the sky reveals its glory
You are here, in a reunion of life
To remind us that even in rain
There is always a sun.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in memory of a fellow classmate and friend, Caroline. Her death was a sudden shock to everyone, but her legacy has inspired me to look to the future with hope and determination instead of with tears. I will never forget you Caroline, and writing this poem was the least I could do.

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