What You DO To Me

November 13, 2011
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You are the wind that ripped the leaves from my bones,
The chill that latched onto them and refused to let go,
And the cause of my hunger,
Which is for you, no longer food,
My mother tells me that she can see those bones,
But all I see are the imperfections.

I see you,
You aren’t caring,
But I can’t go a moment without doing just that,
You are the hunter that caged up my heart,
And it’s now completely at your command,
It doesn’t even beat for me anymore.

I count down the moments until I see you again,
But they seem to come to fast,
I feel like a cat digging its claws in,
I won’t let myself to look at you face,
But I see your eyes, your hair, your lips at every turn,
You cloud my vision,
And I feel dizzy and weak at your glance,
But maybe that’s the breakfast I skipped.

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