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November 13, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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" Art is beauty everlasting "

If I awaken to a dream, am I constantly sleeping

Passing through the motions of somebody else's life

The harder I might think of life, I find there is no meaning

I may be swimming alone in a shadow of the ice

Just an animated puppet, suspended from four broken strings

Feelings unrestrained just to be controlled with broken wings

All these things I've felt and never shared, all the small and big things

Just like a scorpion to hurt himself with each and every little sting

Trains and boats go moving by every chance to leave I ask why

From the depths of my soul I always look towards the sky

The answers I search for while I'm breaking down, one day I'll see

My efforts are not in vain, the answers will come flying back to me

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