November 13, 2011
By Anonymous

skinny legs,bigger breasts
Is that all they want to see
tiny waists,and thinner arms
The pressure to be perfect
is slowly closing in
an utter suffocation
that dosnt seem to end
society is telling me
beautiful is thin
and if i choose to starve myself
perfections what i win
shoving something down my throat
brings me closer to that goal
of a body i can flaunt
measured in size of your breasts
in weight and clothing size
but let me tell you here and now
no good will come from that
but soon it becomes a trap
a diease that clouds the mind
and believe whats untrue
believes your never good enough
no mater what you do
there is one beauty that i know
it's the greatest prize of all
Its learning to accept yourself
imperfections,flaws and all
the beauty that really matters
lies within our heart and soul
beacause when you love whats inside
you love whats outside even more.

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