Dreams Are Not Reality

November 13, 2011
By brit_sapphire SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
brit_sapphire SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
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Dreams are not reality.
Those are the key words to life
You can dream
And hope
And wish
But they never come true
It never happens
Never say never?
Not even close
But it wasn't till I met you
That made me change my mind
I started to believe
And hope
And pray
And wish
Yet again I realized that dreams are not reality
But then
One night
One warm and comfy night
I went to sleep and waited for my next adventure
My next dream that would make me realize
Dreams are not reality
I woke up the next morning
And I was shocked
I dreamt of you
And me
And how we are now
I didn't get it
That wasn't a dream
That was reality
Just a flashback of our relationship so far
Then I realized
I can't dream
When my dreams are already a reality
I love you
And I always will
With you,
Dreams are a reality

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