I Just Can't Explain

November 13, 2011
By brit_sapphire SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
brit_sapphire SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
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I just can't explain
Those feelings I got when I saw you
We haven't talked in a while
We haven't done anything with each other
And it made me sad
But we shared that one word
That one conversation
That made everything get better
You said you felt sick
And were thinking hard about things
I hope you feel better
But i don't want you to know that I was sick too
Not because of anything physical though
I was hurting
Hurting badly
From a broken heart
One that was caused by not speaking to you
But everything got better
And even then my eyes got wetter
That just made my day
Then today
When I saw you after that one shared word
When I saw you after that conversation
You smiled and waved
I smiled and waved too
But what you didn't see was my heart
After you did that, my heart jumped
I was so happy
So excited
We're the way we should be again
And I love every minute I'm with you again
Wow, the way I felt after I saw you
I just can't explain

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