November 8, 2011
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Searching for deeper meaning
To aspects of our surroundings,
In our surroundings we seek beauty, we strive for beauty
In trust we seek peace.
Many things take place
We live in the moment, only shortly
And later on we remininsce
Precious moments so easy to lose
Little threads tying themselves into a memory.
Until the memory fades, eventually, the threads fray
Moments large and small, take hold and never forget
Moments are kisses, short and sweet
But memorable forever
A raindrop that falls and hits the pavement
It splashes, swiftly, but it seeps into the cracks, wetting the surface in which it fell upon.
Memories are happenings, short and sweet, but with a lasting effect on our souls.
Some, we may never comprehend, but we remember
The only things in our hearts that can never be taken away
The gift of humankind
Our lives are spent creating , experiencing, doing
We make moments, some with no control.
Life is a trail of dominoes
Every decision, so precise,
The smallest choice, the slightest change
Alters everything
What we must learn is to accept, and simply live
Live and love
Love is a flame that will never burn out
But it must be ignited and spread, like a forest fire
Love is flammable
Spread love, and your steps will be lighter
Your perspective is different
When you share love
Because it is a beautiful, priceless thing
Never to be destroyed
So powerful, so meaningful
So pure
The one thing we know
The one thing we should never fear
True love is pure and good,
Soothing to our souls
Accept true love because you will surely discover it
It will greet you and greatly change you
It is the one thing we yearn for
Love mends our scarred hearts.

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