In chains I'm locked (2nd draft)

November 8, 2011
in chains im locked
forever more
never to feel the light again
the warm calm bath
of hot summer days
will never reach out
with eager fingers
to lightly graze my cheek again
the chains that lock me
wrap me in my own special quilt
of lost hope and burnt trust
the obvious pain
of who i should not have held so close
comes to brand me with the one special crest
in which i can only see
in chains im locked
forever more
never to be freed
the things that used to bring me joy
now only give me misery
the things they say
are all the same
"you will never feel the joy again
or even see the smile we used to bring."
the mussel that hugs my face
silences my screams
no use to ever tell you why
im sitting in this cell
bricks of hate and misery
contently surround me
never will they crubel
never will they fall
their only task in life
is to grow higher ever tall
in chains im locked
forced to lay on this muddy floor of pain
the one i love only come
to leave me broken bloody bruised
begging for sweet relief
of leaving his da**ed world
if you ever look at me
you wouldnt ever see
me wrapped and bound in chains
the mussel thats slowly choking me
and if you really try to see
you still will never know
how inside i wither
and i scream
wanting to be free
you would never see me in
my cell of hate and painfull memories
im bound and gagged and torn
right through my very soul
all youll ever really see
is my fake happiness
and painfull glee
in chains im locked
forever more
never to be free

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