It doesn't matter

November 8, 2011
Thighs like a sofa,
arms like hams.
A stomach that makes Santa jealous,
a butt like a truck.
She's the FAT girl.
Why are you friends with HER?
She's GROSS.
She's FAT.

It doesn't matter.

Thighs like popsicles,
arms like pencils.
A tummy that makes Paris Hilton jealous,
A butt like an envelope.
She's the ANOREXIC.
Why are you friends with HER?
She's TOO skinny.

It doesn't matter.

Short like a yard stick,
scrawny like a pillow with no stuffing.
A voice like a mouse.
A last choice for a date.
Why are you friends with HIM?
He hasn't hit puberty.

It doesn't matter.

Why am I friends with them?
Because appearance means NOTHING to me.

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