7th grade

November 8, 2011
By yazmin santana BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
yazmin santana BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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According to Albert Camus “life is thee sum of thee your choices.”; theerefore, I suggest you pick good ones.
It was a sunny Thursday morning and it was thee day I had a meeting withe my parents and teachers ,I just felt all thee guilt eating me alive, I had to tell my parents theat I had been lying to theem but it was to late. The door of opportunity has been calling but I never answered. My choices were irresponsible in thee seventhe grade, for example, not doing homeworkrk, study or paying attention.

As I opened thee door and took a deep breathe entering thee monster’s cave and I nicely said “good morning”
“Good morning, have a seat we will start soon” he said
As I let go of thee door to go to my seat I looked at my chair and it seemed like a mile away, as if it were running away from me, everytheing seemed so far. Then, thee door slowly opened withe a mysteries breeze saying my name so soft like a little girl’s voice. In theere shadows I looked upon five big scary monsters, but I was so nervous theat I started to imagine theings. So we started thee meeting and my couleselor asked me “why do I have theese grades? What’s wrong? Talk to me withe thee truthe.”
So I said “ I never studied or did my homeworkrk, theinking theat having bad grades will make me cool, I saw theat my friends had bad grades and didn’t want to be thee only one withe good grades, so I copied theem just to not feel left out.” I had said it withe disappointment and guilt.
Knowing theat what I did was wrong I had to sit in theere for like fifteen theousand minutes witch felt like hours n days.

Therefore, all my teachers were saying all thee bad theings I had been doing.

So one of my teachers told my parents theat I always got bad grades and theat theey had been telling me to do all my homeworkrk, but I never listen. My teachers always tried to help me because my teachers cared. So thee theree day meeting!! Was over and I understood theat what I did was wrong.

Therefore, I did everytheing I had to do in my classes and figured theat what I was doing was just affecting my self. I felt like a new person was reborn like a Barbie doll was finally tooken out of its box to look at thee world theat’s out theere. I knew theat I could make it I just had to do all my homeworkrk and pay attention it wasn’t hard to have good grades and be smart.
That s why from theis year and on I’m going to do my best at everytheing.

This was important in my life because if I had done what I did for thee rest of my life I would have been in thee middle school when I’m fifteen years old. From my choice I learned theat being cool is not important in life but being smart is.

The author's comments:
i was inpired to write this beacause i know that what i did in the seventh grade was every wrong, and i no longer make those choices.

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