A dastardly dialogue.

November 8, 2011
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Let's write a dastardly dialogue about society's compromised position.
Then let's dictate about our own dilapidated volition.
Then let's protest about separation of church and state,
Even though picketing is something we hate.
Let's stand on high moral ground and defend children who lack enough to eat.
Then let's discard good sets of shoes because they don't compliment our feet.
Let's buy "all natural" products and proclaim to be green.
Then let's gas up the hummer and make sure to be unseen.
Let's rack up debt on our beloved credit cards.
Then let's bash the millionaires when their spending goes too far.
Let's degrade the president when he lacks necessary skills.
When everyday, for our sakes, he risks being killed.
Let's condemn the open minded for their less than conventional thoughts.
When the rigidity of our ways is the reason chaos was wrought.
Let's shun the true believers who trust in a higher power.
When we are the ones building a modern Babel Tower.
Let's love the less fortunate, as convenient to our schedule.
When only when we please ourselves are our hormones balanced and level.
Let's say we have no fear and prepare ourselves for death.
When we should be far less care free and be thankful for every breath.
Let's say we're filled with disgust at the opinion of the masses.
When we disguise our agreeance behind our deep rimmed glasses.
Let's ignore these words with false piety.
Let's not expose our inner selves, what a shame that would be.

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