Civil War

November 8, 2011
By poeticstarlet94 PLATINUM, Irving, Texas
poeticstarlet94 PLATINUM, Irving, Texas
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She has been strapped to a gurney and tied down with restraints.
Her roots are no longer firmly planted in rich soil because she’s been dug up by rich fools who value no one’s complaints—ruthless idiots who could care less about our health care or the fact that we spend more even though we walk a jagged pavement ‘til holes expose our soles in Payless.
She used to be a pillar, standing tall against the grain. She used to provide the umbrella, but now she might as well be the rain. Her bounty was plenty, her table well spread. She was the foundation of a creation that only the sovereign God bred.
Her works were well-known and her caretakers many. Millions flocked to her bosom and the security there was plenty. She was trustworthy and her faith unshakeable. But she traded her soul to please herself and ended up on death row.
Instead of the bright hope and liberty she once afforded, the compromises she delighted in turned them into dead weight…and she aborted. Dollar signs now draw color lines and these politicians, call them color blind. They hate you. To them a low tax bracket makes you disgraceful. And when your pedigree doesn’t match their standard of royalty they Troy Davis you.
We ain’t that. We ain’t this. Plantations are now called inner-city apartments, formerly the projects. Even our poverty is not politically correct. But your vote does not count because the top dollar balances the ballots out. And we thought a black man in the WHITE House could change it all, but it was still his wife’s slave ancestors who built that performance hall.
And that’s just it. She used to be somewhat genuine, telling us subtle lies hidden in beautiful truths so we trusted her and now our minds she’s misused. I believed in her and I thought I was just a little bit free-er…”one nation who denies Him but believes it is God”…America…we think she was betraying us. But as it turns out, we were.

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