My hero's Departure

November 8, 2011
By soccer24swim30 PLATINUM, Bangor, Maine
soccer24swim30 PLATINUM, Bangor, Maine
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You were always full of life,
So why are you in a hospital bed?
Your sick,
had a stroke,
can't you get better?
Don't leave me Grams.
You're my hero,
what happens if the hero's gone?
You seem content,
happy even,
How is death happy?
Your family's visiting,
friends bringing casseroles,
Why are they bringing them?
You can't eat them.
People are asking how I'm feeling,
why are they wasting time?
Help my Grams,
Then I'll be okay.
No Gram.
Don't close your eyes.
What if you don't wake up?
Your eyes are paler than before,
like dirty water,
Why are they different?
Why is it that the last time I kiss you your cheek is cold?
Why is it when I say goodbye for the last time,
I'm scared to let go of your hand?
Why is it that you can no longer wipe my tears?
Why Grams?
Why is that my hero is no longer here?

The author's comments:
My grammie died a while ago and this is how I felt.

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