Thoughts of a heartbroken person

November 9, 2011
By alexandra2 SILVER, Essex, Connecticut
alexandra2 SILVER, Essex, Connecticut
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Thoughts of a heartbroken person:
I was deceived by my dreams,
I never thought it would be like this,
In front of you,
Waiting for the perfect moment of the night.
As the music starts to play,
The serenade feeling falls into us.
Shivering from this mixed emotions.
My knees quiver,
And almost fall to the ground,
But holding onto your arms,
I fall into a relentless fantasy.
This graceful dance along with you,
And the way you look at me,
It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.
Not a single word escapes my lips,
Just a gentle breeze that I can only sense.
This night seems to be endless,
The music can’t find its way to the end,
This is the moment I’ve been waiting all night,
Since the day I met you,
But still at the end,
I was deceived by my dreams,
And suddenly returned to this reality.
The music stops,

You pull away from my outstretched arms.
Suddenly your lips are muttering many words,
Words of apology, regret.
The emotions displayed no longer of love,
But of anguish.
Talk of mistakes, and forgiveness.
Numbing sensations fill my body,
This is not how this fantasy ends.
You keep talking, and walking,
After me as I take long strides away from you,
I need some space,
Time to digest.
So this night meant nothing?
My knees quiver,
But your arms are no longer there to catch me.
I fell out of my persistent fantasy,
And returned to reality.

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