It Will Soon Be Worth It

November 9, 2011
By GabrielleC BRONZE, Tulda, Oklahoma
GabrielleC BRONZE, Tulda, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
" Don't attempt, just do."

Seventy five percent,
out of 365 days,
from my religion,
to my color,
I'm judged in so many different ways
But if I allow it to faze me
then I've already been defeated
when everyone thought I failed
I proved them wrong and succeeded
I let no petty things keep me from being me
even with the stop lights
and the dead ends
I continue my way because I'm determined to win
You look at me and what do you see
a young black lady reciting poetry?
Well stop and take a second look
when I was three years old
my mother got hooked
she left me for drugs
and that's my soul she took
my father on the other hand
didn't love me
because love has a stronger meaning then anything
and yet I still didn't allow that to hold me down
I still had a smile on my face without a frown
I never turn around to look back at my past
I never cried at night wishing I could take it all back
I never told god that I hated him
if anything I turn and started praising him
now don't get wrong
I do have regrets
I'm far from a perfect child
But I am Bless
I would never allow my talent to go to waste
because God uses people in miraculous ways
even with the hardship of my ancestors
i never thought to myself that I am better
even with the segregation that took place
to me all I see is the human race
but when I see people like us
and out going
I wonder why God does what he does
Why does he allow us to bump our heads
when he's the one that created us
why does he allow us
to make the mistakes that we make
get bumps and scratches that will sooner or later
fade away
but I guess it was all apart of his creation
and that’s why he made patience
because nobody in this world can be perfect
but believe and trusting in him
day after day
everything will be worth it.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this poem I thought a lot about what life could be like if I was still with my biological mother but as time pasted I realize God has a reason for everything. I love where I am and who have become. I won't ask or change anything and despite having flaws and time were I wanted to give up I know now everything will soon be worth it.

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