The Shadows Silhouette

November 1, 2011
Its black around here,
is it morning or night?
Maybe the evening light?
Does it spite me,
or enlightened me?
I start to see more,
its luckily is not a common bore.
The aura of plants are red,
inverse chlorophyll, is it dead?
The sky is yellow,
the sun is blue.
I wonder if people are blinded,
by this odd glue.
Everything is changed,
and as it tries to reassemble my membrane.
The shadows have disappeared!
Its usual vex has been sheared!
Now I start to think,
and before I had the time to blink.
It hit me,
my shadow turning into me!
I quiver and get the scissors,
and cut the stitches also with the clippers.
2D black figure,
threw it before it pulled the trigger.
Was it alone?
Was it jealous?
Was it upset?
Or was it just the wrath?
It was the outline,
and that's all it will ever be...

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