The Litany of a Nazi: Amon Leopold Göth

November 1, 2011
By MeagDidWhat BRONZE, Utica, New York
MeagDidWhat BRONZE, Utica, New York
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The Litany of a Nazi: Amon Leopold Göth
I learned a lot being a SS-Officer during World War II
Or you know how the kids like to say it now-a-days…
The “Holocaust”…Anyhoo, I learnt a few things…
One being that shooting Jewish people for fun is, apparently, NOT legal.
Two, shooting ANYONE for fun is NOT legal.
(This includes Gypsies, gay men, the sick, the dying…infants…who knew?)
Three, Jewish people are in fact people. No really, it’s true!
Four, the mass annihilation of an entire race is “against the law” for some reason.
And due to my little “bouts of Nazism” during this “Holocaust” I am now being
Trialed for the personal murder of 500 plus people and for many, many other crimes of war.
The fifth thing I learnt from being a Nazi is that claiming “I had diabetes”
Does not let one off the hook from helping Hitler commit one of the “biggest atrocities to mankind this world has ever seen”. Ho hum…Who knew people were so touchy on race?

The author's comments:
its tongue and cheek people

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