Scars in the wall

November 1, 2011

I don’t get it
What it is with you
Although I feel bad for you,
I hate how if I were to get what I wanted,
I would have to work
And it would never taste as sweet
As if you realized it on your own

I know if things were different, if she never existed
That I wouldn’t be happy if I knew you in that way

-I set an example for myself once-

I wish you would just shut up
Get out of my head
I don’t want you to exist
I want the evidence of you
The traces of you
Gone form my brain

Go get a life
Realize that you’re ahead
You don’t need a relationship to be happy,
You are better off dead

I know very well the only reason you came back
It’s because she’s gone now and you want me to keep you intact
Too damn bad, find someone else
You’re too stupid to see anyone but yourself

Chemistry is a joke, I hope you well know
It was something created to give you an excuse to not know
Well you don’t deserve it,
I’ll be just fine,
Someone else will know better than you, this time

I know it’s not the only thing that is going on

-You know-

I would support you tomorrow if tragedy struck
But sometimes, things could be worse
And here, they still could

You know you are lucky,
I would be there in a beat
If death touched his hand
On someone you loved
Someone you couldn’t function with out

That’s the problem,
The idea you don’t see
And it is that very thing
That is the only reason you come back to me

Butterfly effect or not
I know someone would thank me for making up my mind and letting you go
I hope you know too, from what’s in my mind
I know someone will thank you if you would just walk out of my life
Maybe we’ll come back, our paths may meet
-But I know I could never be that way again,
So oblivious to the chance of getting stepped on
It wouldn’t be the same-
I would just walk away

So good luck for now,
I’ll tell you when I’m healed,
“I can’t help you fix yourself,
or at least I can say I tried,
sorry, but I’ve got to move on with my own life”*

*Scars-Papa Roach

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