Truth of the World

November 5, 2011
Do you know what
Goes on in the world?
No, the blind eye
Is cast

The pain that fills the little boy
Day after day
The drunken mother
That beats him

The daily routine
Of rape
For that little girl
Night after night
The mental broken father
That knows he can
Get away with it

Who knew in
The end
Their fate is to
Be the same?

And as the murderers
Can still walk
The streets
Unpunished by their deed
But known they can
Get away with it

And to those
Who are punished
Gets away with it
Walking the street
To repeat the
Pattern again

The rapist
That knows
What he does
And he still
Does it
He knows punished
Or not
He gets away

To cause pain
To the victim’s
Life and their families
Is there no

What is wrong
With the world
There is none innocent
No justice

Do you see what I see exposed?
The truth

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