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November 5, 2011
By History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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"What exactly does freedom mean if I'm not allowed to be as twisted as I wanna be?"

What do you know
Of this world?
Besides the
Blind eye
Of ignorance
You turn to it

I know it
It’s not the Utopia
We thought of
It to be
No place on this earth
Is perfect

I see the truth
Not the veil
The media and you
Try to cover it with

There is no safety
No place to hide
From the cruelty
And pain

Do you even know
What does on
In this world?
Do you even try
To see what
I know exists?

I see it
Because I’ve lived it
I know it
Because I’ve witnessed it

You don’t even try
To see what
I know what

The cruelty and pain
Of a drunken father
An abused family

The rape and murder
Of so many ‘psychotic’ men
The broken family

The homeless and starving
Of those in our world
So much is lost

You don’t see this
But you know it exist
You choose to ignore it

Well take away the veil
Turn your head and open your eyes
To actually see
What does on
In the world

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