Reality of Dreams

November 5, 2011
By History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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Do you see her
Within your dreams?
That perfect girl
Darkness shrouds
Behind her

Is it just me
Or does she
Seem too perfect?
That skin
Perfectly pale
Made of glass
Her hair
Ebony waves
Against her back
Her perfect gray eyes
The perfect, too perfect
Color of her eyes

Could this be a dream?
Even when she opens
Her mouth to speak
No sound is heard

She is within every
Dream, every mind
Every thought
Could she be
The perfect child?

As we are taught
From a very young age
That nothing
Last forever
So neither
Does she
Our perfect child

Reality comes to check
Reality of our dreams
Reality of our lives
The reality of our world

Something is wrong
She can feel it
She knows it
And so do we

She shatters like glass
Her body wounded
As with her soul
The darkness
It shatters with her
As if…it is of her

Now we can hear
Her voice
Oh, the perfect voice
Except she doesn’t

She screams
And still yet of her
That is perfect

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