You Don't Know Me

November 5, 2011
By History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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You may give me
Those looks
Of hate
But you don’t
Know me

You may tell me
Those jibes
Behind my back
Or speak it
To my face
But you don’t
Know what
I’ve been through

You may give me
Looks on how I dress
Or the way I act
But you don’t know
Why I act this way

You don’t know
My reasons
Behind myself
The way I dress
The way I act

In fact you don’t know
Nothing of me
So you can quite those

They won’t stop me
From being me
I am myself
In which I don’t follow
Something in the like
Of you

I am myself
You tell me to
Be myself
And yet here you come
From behind me
And tell me to
I won’t
I like myself
I don’t like you

You can leave me alone
You can quite
These rumors

I will force them
Back on you

I don’t chase
My prey
They come back to me

I am myself
A little weird
But that is me

You don’t know me
You never will
So don’t play the
Pretty girl
Pretty boy
When you
Want to
Change me

I won’t

I refuse
To change
To suit
Your beings.

You don’t
Know me
You never

Or ever care to

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