November 5, 2011
I belong to no group.
I hold no special place
I belong to no club
No gang.

I am only myself
Even if that’s dark
So excuse me for
Speaking my mind
Excuse me for speaking
My thoughts

For once I sit
Not in silence
For once I want
My voice heard
My thoughts out of
My head
To where others know what
I want to say
Where I must not suffer them alone

I want to accepted
By those I surround
Myself with
Not judged upon

Too much cruelty
Only one can take
Before she snaps
And slowly
That shows.

I am with my friends
I cherish them all
This is no group
No gang

Just us
Hanging out
Playing around

Close friends
At times we only
Need each other
To not be judged
But to fall upon
One another
And know
That we have
Each other back
Within these times

They are people
That we try to
But who
Can you trust
Who even hurt you
When your down?
How do you not
Let it show
On your face?

But yes
We still trust one another
We hold
Unto each other
Upon our time and needs
We love one another

We accept
Not judge

Even if we do
Judge one another
We only mean to tease

So yes we can
Lean upon
One another
In our tough times

And sometimes
That is
To get

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