Silly Little Me

November 5, 2011
By , Santa Monica, CA
I wish typing out screams didn’t look silly
otherwise this would just be one long one of those and if I
turned on my speakers it’d
blow out my windows, and my neighbor’s too

Turns out teardrops are highly acidic
their pH is something like 1, maybe less
funny sort of acid though, it eats things from the
inside out, and the surface is intact until it isn’t anymore

Smiling face, heart breaking, vergil said it best, and in
meter too, although the word isn’t back yet on whether
emotion is imperial or metric. but back to my point
they suck

This feels silly to write too, like a falsetto scream, and my
own ridicule i feel most acutely, just another
angsty teenager with more money than problems. i counter that
grunge music sucks and also can it, buster, just shut up and write
so i did.

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