A Smile Is A Mask To Hide It All

November 11, 2011
With a smile,
she faces the world.
A world that does everything,
to wipe that smile clean off her pretty face.
With her chin high,
and her heart on her sleeve,
she faces the world.
She wears confidence,
like it's her best friend.
She sports happiness,
like it's an A+ paper.
And she hides her fears,
behind a brick wall.
A brick wall,
only broken down in solitude.
And it's in solitude,
where she divulges her hatred.
For the world that she so blatently misleads.
It is here, in solitude, where you can know her.
Where you can find her at her most vulnerable.
Where you can see her for who she is.
Because as soon as she steps out into the world,
I guarantee you,
she is not herself.

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