November 11, 2011
By JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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Outside,the world tumbled into chaos
Lightning struck across the sky, lighting the heavens on fire
An inferno raging above the land, ripping through the clouds
Thunder shook the earth, rumbling its very bones
War cries in the battle of the god; once on its way, now already here
Wind shrieked and screamed across the land,
Ravaging all that once stood up to its torture, to its fight
Rain roared down from the sky, beating the world with vicious blows
Anger, hate, terror and destruction poisoned the air
Fueling the on-coming horror that gripped the land
The mountains cowered beneath its fury, huddling into the darkness
The world was paralyzes with a raw, deep fear
Buried in the heart of the earth since the dawn of time

I could feel it, traveling up through my feet,

A disease, cold and wicked, lodging itself into my soul

Consuming everything that once held light.

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