November 11, 2011
By JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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I felt his breath on my skin

Soft as a feather

Light at a butterflies kiss
I felt his touch on my skin

Warn and safe

Gentle and kind
I gazed into his eyes

Dark and intense

Tender and bottomless
I gazed at our bodies

Intertwined in a graceful embrace

Two beings becoming one
I heard his heartbeats

Slow and steady

Beating in synch with mine
I heard his sighs, his murmured breaths

Meaningful and true

Passionate and real
I tasted his essence of life

Breathtaking and glorious

Immeasurable and magical
I tasted what wasn’t there

Deep and unspoken

Silent and moving
I felt him stir, brining me closer

Keeping me safe

Keeping me here
I felt the air quiver

Warm and Bright

Soothing and Calm
I felt softness beneath me

The world shifted
And I woke up

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