November 10, 2011
By Guillermo13 BRONZE, Elk River, Minnesota
Guillermo13 BRONZE, Elk River, Minnesota
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Panic encases me.
Raw stabs of frigidity tare at my skin.
Lights flicker beyond my comprehension,
As soft snow settles around me.
My body, my temple, has been subdued.
The warriors of winter battle my senses; the assailants are prevailing.
Crisp, cool, quiet.
My mind descends into itself,
Running from the insanity that wishes to extinguish what little fight remains.
Gone. Gone now.
Those days of bliss and ignorance.
No pain, but reality. Reality slips away also.
Feeling. Where has it gone?
Consciousness? It too has left.
Numb, numb, numbing.
My body, my temple, refrains.
Run. Too late now. I lay here.
As if confined, I lay here.
Ethereal is how I feel as the Forrest's lush scenery dims,
And my body slackens on the alluring, frozen ground to which I shall return.

The author's comments:
With winter just around the corner, snow and cool temperatures are on everyone's minds. The winter season is basically what inspired this dark and somber written work. The poem explains in my own words what freezing to death would feel like, beginning with the panic after realizing the situation and concluding with the acceptance and comfort that follows the pain and suffering.

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