The Truth~

November 10, 2011
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I'm rooted to the spot
The words won't stop
My stomach rolls within myself when i look at her
"Don't you think that..." sentences make me fall into despair
The cruel smile that is worn makes me want to run and the occasional penatrating glare hurts
This wound is raw...never healing because of what is said
the spanish language I couldn't care for now has become something i want to dissaper
The talking, the spelling of words
My mind is reeling trying to believe she didn't say those words
The dark storm in my head is growing
My head pounds
All is quiet as the storm invades my eyes and i feel myself falling...
"Hey!!" I hear her and my eyes snap open
She grins an innocent smile and pretends to care
The truth is...-
The words were never their...

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Hurt-but-Brave said...
Mar. 11, 2016 at 2:48 pm
How did you feel? Is the ending about you imaging that they were doing this to you? Like a bad dream?
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