We Are...

November 3, 2011
We all breathe
We all dream
We all hope
We all believe

So why do we look at each other so differently
Why is it that we wear jeans so tight that our feet turn blue?
Brown and serve straight out of the tanning booth
Bringing color back to our lifeless, ashen skin
Stumbling on highs heels we try to touch the clouds
But could never amount,
To anything.
Are we even smart enough to realize that we’re reaching for anything at all?
Of course not we’re too small
To see beyond our own two feet
Though we keep waking, walking, through the same white halls
With a blank stare and glazed eyes we seek

Why is it that we hold back tears?
Are we afraid?
Because I guarantee you that others around you are doing the same thing
Holding back tears.
And all it would take, is one person
To let those tears flow.
Release emotion so full of life and reason
Feel something so deep the tears rush from their eyes
Gashing craters into the floor as they land….
That would make it okay.
Okay to cry.
Okay to breathe.
Okay to say that you see


Why is it that we memorize the same versus?
To the same songs
That play over and over again, on the radio.
Like a broken apathetic record.
We march to that Justin Beiber beat
Floating down that mainstream
Repeating and regurgitating words drilled into our brains.
Originality lacking,
Hip hop nation attacking
Turning us all into the same songs
We sing the same notes at the same time so it sounds like


Why is it, that we hide our knives behind our backs?
What do you think would happen, if we didn’t keep them concealed?
Would they fly left and right?
Plunging through lies and rumors
Exposed now to the light,
The white,
Irises retracting into our very skulls
It’s too bright.
We won’t make it out alive if we keep on this way
Faking who we are covering up what makes us human beings
If you’re too afraid to be human, than what in the world are you?


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