November 3, 2011
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To the adventure rode Gigglesqueak
Riding pat a pundlepeak
Howl cry thee
Oh my dilly flindletee
How come my dieing lad
Squiggle umberton do tad
Till that topseetill
Come upon my dundle mill
Over hill and bran
To those who will and can
How thy fly to dee
On so great a gaddlebee
Crumble canthill to do
By the cowing of a Moo
I bring to Gigglesqueak thy key
To uncock that squangle sillbully
South on Minder upon hill
I find that never year of topseetill
Tandle cry my hondle hy
Coming to skreak on blindly by
On pinthy to you flee
To find my dilly flindletee
Goothbie to youldy
To another adventure nilldy.

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