The Tightrope

November 15, 2011
Balancing on a twisted wire
In the clouds, above the spires
High into the ocean sky
Where the birds are flying by

Trembling, wavering in the wind
A breaking string, taught and thin
Step by step I make my way
Through my life and through the day

Who knows where I’ll reach the end
If there’s a turn or there’s a bend
A drop, a loop, a twist, a curve
An interruption be disturbed

I do not know where I’ll end up
Someplace safe, with a bit of luck
A pretty house out by the sea
Where I can live with my family

A sound disturbs me from my dreams
This isn’t real, just how it seems
The tightrope bends with a greater girth
And I fall, spinning, down to earth

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julywinters1226 said...
Nov. 18, 2011 at 8:52 pm

great poem.:P

if you get a chance check out some of my work.

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