let me be a dreamer

November 10, 2011
By , richmond, VA
falling asleep into a new demotion wishing and dreaming of colorful things I'maginary anI'mals and wandering plans if you don't like it ooh well boo who tI'mes have changed and so must you tack it to heart and be a new you follow your dream and tack the path too the wish you dreamed will surely come true tack it from me... I'm one of you I'm a dreamer cant you see I'm just like you honestly were all dreamers you see no two dreams alike different ones of all kinds dreams of flowers and butterflies trains and dolls and clothes all kinds of things dreams you see no one dream alike different kinds both for you and i falling asleep is what i do and if you don't like it oh well boo who I'm a dreamer you see just like you no one dream alike honestly let me dream I'm just being me a dreamer cant you see oh no the bell its over my dream is gone til next class a new dream awaits fear well ounce more..a new dream awaits again for me to dream again

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