Lost In The World

November 10, 2011
Lost in the world
No where to go and no one to look at
Nothing to do
Trudging around in circles aimlessly
Wondering in a forest, they know nothing about
Never been there before
Probably never coming back
The sense of fear and confusion will last with them forever
They look for a way out but end up in a pile of nothing
They run
But don’t cover any ground, but the very own they stand on
They scream
Pointless, no one hears them
Trapped, some say for the better
Panic spreads instantly, burning at the edges
No water in sight to put out the everlasting flames
The wind blows
All hope leaves with it
The future
Impossible to imagine
They explore
Finding nothing, but the memories of the past swelling in all around them
All feeling of worry starts to fade out
Emptiness is all that’s left
They ponder
Nothing left to feel or think
All life becomes something beyond standstill
They surrender
Defeat will be their last memory
The end of their life

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