Don't Eat

November 10, 2011
By justdance54321 SILVER, Ivoryton, Connecticut
justdance54321 SILVER, Ivoryton, Connecticut
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I look in the mirror.
God, why am I so fat?

I wanna be 85 pounds
I wanna be unhealthy
I wanna be weak

Intake Yesterday:

Bones are pretty
Hipbones are my favorite

I wish I was skinny like her

I’m way to fat to be anorexic

I’ve never weighed so little yet felt so fat
Because willpower fades when I need it to remain strong
Because “recovery” bullshit keeps getting in the way
Because my stupid, fat body begs me for food
Because my stomach doesn’t care it needs to be stronger
Because I’m a fat failure
Because I’ll never be weightless

All I can think are how many calories are in this apple? 90
Calories mean fat

I’s so hungry.
My stomach is folding in on itself and screaming audibly.

Why do you lie?
Why do you tell me I’m skinny?

Stomach: Please feed me.
Mind: No.

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