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November 10, 2011
By Aaliyahthepoet123 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aaliyahthepoet123 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I am from…

I am from… Chicago, the homes of crips and bloods.
I am from… dancing, made of perfection and love.
I am from… my parents, the ones who made me who I am.
I am from…intelligence, like a crime scene investigator, that Is how very smart I am.
I am from… my siblings; they give me every day lessons.
I am from… courage, every day I earn a blessing.
I am from…independence; just like my pop, I can do anything on my own.
I am from…money; just like Beyonce, hopefully I never need a loan.
I am from… hope; you have to hope in order to win.
I am from… music; I can listen to songs all day long.
I am from… Philadelphia, a city I will always remember.
I am from… Christmas, a joyful holiday in December.
I am from… school; I go to learn new things.
I am from… big words, as if I am a teacher no longer using
I am from… writing; words help me to express my feelings.
I am from… help, like a therapists, I come to help you with your
I am from… Broadway, it’s my time to shine.
I am from… attention, like a famous person, it’s mine, mine,
I am also from… the sun and beach, that’s the only time I love
the heat.
This is where I’m from, the life soon to come, to an everlasting moment that should be remembered forever in my heart!

I am from… a place where genders are transferring into prison because they chose to make the wrong decision.
I am from… a place where children can no longer go outside and play. From my point of view, we’re turning into the city of hate.
I am from… a place we’re people are always fighting.
I am from… a place where kids are always on corners, hiding,
trying not to be caught by the cops as they are lighting
I am from… a place where bullets fly and soar through the sky
as people run and wonder, why?
I am from… a place where parents are no longer saying hi, but now they are saying goodbye as they visit their child’s grave.
A hope for a better neighborhood is always a dream. Though, I
find myself waking up to the same old thing!

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on Nov. 29 2011 at 10:15 am
Aaliyahthepoet123 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4 articles 0 photos 3 comments
Wonderful! i think i did spectatculuar!


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