A Daily Fix

November 10, 2011

hold it in your hand,
feel its perfect weight
its size tempting your hand to clutch it
feel the cool tingle from the pads of your palm to the tips of your finger tips;
refreshing your sense of touch.
leave finger prints in the condensation; it's yours now.

observe its deep colour:brighter, redder than blood fresh from your veins; almost as vital.
the world-wide known signature partially hidden by your thumb
the yellow band around the top of the cylinder saying: "multipack can-not to be sold separately"
you bought this can-single-for 55p from the corner shop;you smile whimsically at this familiar irony and crack the tab, revelling in the tinny-ness of the sound.

hold the opening up to your nose and breathe in the sweet air.
now wait, imagine the chill on your tongue, metal pressing against your lips, caramel bubbles trickling honey-like, slide down, calming your heart as you breathe with pure satisfaction.
have you anticipated this; anticipated the influence of your fix?
then finally you're ready; take a sip.

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