A Poet's Reason

November 3, 2011
By TheJon BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
TheJon BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
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I am searching for the words
that nobody knows about-
the words everyone wants to say,
but our minds can't speak for our hearts.
Are we lost, or ignorant of those
unspeakable, unwritable words?

I am searching for the memories
that have been forgotten
and washed away.
The seas of turmoil are
not so forgiving.
Where once a power boulder
planted strong
is now an eroded away pebble,
the bits and pieces of sediment
lost into the passage of time,
joined by millions of other pieces.
When will this end?

I am searching for a sanctuary
in the middle of nowhere-
a sanctuary of my own and me.
Through raging storms
and endless deserts,
through frozen tundras
and icy waters,
I move forward.
With no north star
or treasure map,
guided by only
fellow travelers,
I press on,
to find my reason for poetry.

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