The Mask I Wear

November 3, 2011
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It’s plastic and it’s fake, it’s called a mask and it covers the sadness
Afraid of, but wanting to face the unknown.
Where is my place in this life?

I’ve come close, to sharing myself, but never revealing anything.
I’m invisible, and chained in my designated corner by society,
when I dream, reality shatters before my eyes.

What I want, need, and strive for seems within my grasp,
then I wake up and I face the world for one more day.
I feel lost every day, not knowing where I’m suppose to be,
as the spark of life in my eyes goes out.

But a flame still burns in me,
I play roles every day of my life while my strength resides in me.
History repeats itself once again.

The veil I wear so proudly,
Slowly the answers come, so I push it aside.
One day there will be no more mask for me to wear.

One day my beliefs will be known.
I’ll know where my proper place is in this life,
and I’ll share myself with the world.
One day the mask won't there anymore.

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