my holiday, my horror, my savior

November 3, 2011
the grasses, tall
the trees that tower above
and the wind that flows freely by
the green and brown mix
with a tender push and pull
they meld
and the bark that rests upon
gently swaying with the silvery tug of autumn’s blow
the swish and swash
the splish and splash
of the current streaming true
the sky lights up
in a dazzle of blinding whites and blues
the reds hold no bounds to the endless and darkness of the new moon
then a spark
and the world bursts
into the flames my eyes descend
and the hands of destruction my life now rests
the smoke chokes my eyes and throat
cutting me off from the tranquility of earth
the heat rises
and i can feel my heart and the ones of others
bursting the jackets the hold us above the black current
the very same that shall now save our day
3 figures stand alone passing the cooling life from hand to hand
quenching the flame that engulfs the sand and grass
the ones who i remember most of all
are the ones who saved my freedom day

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