The world

November 5, 2011
By Anonymous

The worlds a crazy place,
Discriminated because of your race.
People are committing treason,
crying for no reason.
People saying swears,
doing all the stupid dares.
People yelling,telling lies,
Everyone dies.
People are always talking,
Can’t stop their squacking.
Their always saying hate,
Filling their plates,
All the junk food There is,
Won’t help you get back what is now his.
Never on time,
can’t save a dime.
People risking their life,
Others living in their own strife,
Cheating on your spouse,
Sneaky like a mouse.
Hurting people because their gay,
Never giving them the time of day.
Independence doesn’t mean your free,
Just be the best you can be.
Judging people because their fat,
Hitting people like a bat,
It doesn’t have to be A push or a pull,
What you say and do is Bull.
Don’t have time for anything,
you jump when you hear your phone ring.
Constant worries of Stupid s***,
Breaking hearts bit by bit.
Karma’s gonna attack,
And there’s no turning back.
Make it heaven or make it hell,
He hurt you its just as well,
You can do better than him.
Don’t starve your self to be slim,
It’ll hurt you in the end.
Spend and spend,
Buy those drugs,
They’re more expensive than hugs.
Go wear the newest brands,
Listen to the stupid bands.
Looks may be deceiving,
You hate the glares your receiving,
You doubt everything,
trust nothing,
Hold on tight,
It’ll be alright.

I’m here for you.


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