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November 5, 2011
Sometimes damaged, but never broken,
often misplaced, but never lost.

The skies may get foggy, but they will always clear,
the road may get slippery, but it will always dry.

No one every said life would be easy,
but they said it would be worth it.

The struggles may come quite often, but they will make you stronger.
You say you’re alone, but that is a lie,
God is always with you, even if is doesn’t seem like it.

If someone calls you ugly, forget it,
they’re sinning, because that’s a lie.

If someone calls it impossible, prove them wrong.

When someone stabs them in the back, don’t get revenge,
ignore them, because their not worth your time.

When someone leaves you, move on,
it’s the best way, you know it.

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