Face of Tears

November 9, 2011
By LunarINK BRONZE, Muldrow, Oklahoma
LunarINK BRONZE, Muldrow, Oklahoma
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Before the final act,

im sitting,

waiting to play.

But thoughts of leaving


a red past

come to mind

bringing emotions and feelings,

once buried deep down inside.

Why these thoughts now?

Before the final act,

i feel warms tears buildng around,

the edges of my dark eyes,

i wipe them away with a gloved finger.

again i must ask myself,

why these thoughts now,

maybe its the setting.

but it doesn't matter,

ive no time to answer my thoughts.

cuz now its my time to play,

i change my face,

wipe away the remaining tears,

and go play with a smile

on my face of tears.

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