October 31, 2011
By ladyasmin BRONZE, Antelope, California
ladyasmin BRONZE, Antelope, California
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Favorite Quote:
I am, who I am

Through the light and the darkness
Through the future and the past
Here in the present I stand
In the battle that is always last

It is a battle that is not fought with fists and guns
But it is a battle that we face on the inside
Scared to think we are alone
But more scared to know that we are alone

Do we really know the people who sit beside us?

From my experience I know
The people see only my poker face
Because it seems happier
They can’t see what lies deep inside

Is the girl who smiles really happy?
You never know unless you ask
All I know is things are not what they seem

And you have to see things for what they are
And not by how you feel

The author's comments:
In my life I was always home school till one scared A regular school. There I learn that I that I was alone. The people who I used to think was My side went there to help me. I want to have friends, But don't fake a smile Or say something meaningless. It feels like we only want to good side in life, and that's O.K. as long as we take time to look at the bad side. Get to know the people in class and help them in any way that they might need help. Life is way to hard to go through it alone, you might just make someone day a little brighter.

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