I am a Bird

November 9, 2011
I am a bird
I live in a cage
I love to sing
I love to fly
My cage is big
My cage has all
I love my cage
I love Master
I am a bird
Am I growing?
I look bigger
My wings feel bigger
My feet feel wider
My beak feels stronger
My cage feels smaller
I am a bird
Master calls
I sing for Master
Master is happy
I am happy
My cage seems shorter
Master loves me
I love Master
I am a bird
I love to fly
Flying is now difficult
Breathing is now short
Singing is now limited
Is there less room?
Less air?
Less freedom?
Something is different
I am a bird
Master orders me to sing
I sing
No longer happy
I sing on my own
Master gets mad
I sing when ordered
Master is mad
My cage gets hot
I get burned
My feathers fall off
I am a bird
At the bottom of the cage
Piles of feathers
It gets higher
So much higher
Touching my feet
Sticking to me
I cannot fly
My cage is tiny
No room to fly
No energy to sing
I am a bird
Master cleans the cage
Some feathers remain
My wings clipped
My beak shortened
My cage has nothing
My cage can barely fit me
The bars get tighter
So much tighter
I can hardly breathe
My cage hurts me
Squeezing my body
I was a bird
I loved to fly
I loved to sing
I loved Master
Master loved me
I was free
I am no more

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