The Fear of Falling

November 1, 2011
BEFORE the Fear of Falling
As you ponder letting go-
The wind in your face and ice in your veins,
The ground looks so far below.

EXPLORE the Fear of Falling
As the doubts flood your mind,
Sinking back into the cushion of
The roller-coffin to which you’re confined.

BORED with the Fear of Falling,
Unsatisfied as the ride ends,
With a change of heart you race back to the start-
Ready to try it again.

IGNORE the Fear of Falling!
Unclasp your hands and now they’re free-
No longer holding on, restricting,
but outstretched to feel the breeze.

NO MORE is the Fear of Falling
When your body starts to rise-
Weightless, floating, what a feeling!
Your hands shoot up toward the skies.

WAR on the Fear of Falling,
The enemy of adventurous life!
Enslaved by the chains that keep us tame:
Insecurities, worries, and strife.

OUTSCORE the Fear of Falling
Careful restraints, set aside.
Overcome the fear that keeps you near
And just enjoy the ride.

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