Do You Still Think of Me?

November 1, 2011
When I’m at home, sitting alone
And all I think about is you-
I miss the days when you would say
The perfect thing to get me through.
When feeling down, I’d look around
And see nothing worth smiling for;
Then you were there, breath of fresh air,
And with a smile you’d fix me. Or-
At least sit down beside me,
Listen to me, never chide me;
Be that someone I could talk to,
Understand the man this boy turned into.
It’s like somehow you got me
When I didn’t even get myself,
A book you loved to read when
I thought I belonged on the shelf.
But now you’re gone, and we’ve moved on.
The sun has set; it’s a new dawn.
Time’s teaching me to fake a smile
And somehow learn to get along.
My mind ponders as it reassembles heart’s debris
I wonder to myself, do you still ever think of me?

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