November 1, 2011
I want to drift away
Like the leaves in the wind
Floating, flying, tossed around
Rightisde up and upside down

My head is swimming
As my body tags along below
My mind is all that’s left
Identity abandoned long ago
This strange new feeling,
This different way of being
Thoughts translate themselves into
A thousand possibilities,
and I must choose which fork in the road
will take me to my destiny.

Hard to keep track of what is
Going on all around me.
I’m not so sure anymore,
Which way is up or down. See
I can’t feel my legs,
But they are still there.
My arms move themselves
Twisting through the air.
Music moves me,
Like a puppeteer.
I just go with the flow
And enjoy being here.

Feet way down below,
Hands out to the side;
Like Gulliver, my huge body
Stretches miles wide.
The slightest breeze
That blows through trees
Tickles and gives a hi-five.
It’s like each little finger
Has never felt so alive.

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